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A Message to Our Clients Amidst Coronavirus/COVID-19

To Our Valued Customers,

     As responsible employers and business partners, Process Insights and its family of companies worldwide are focused on ensuring the health, safety and well-being of our employees, customers, supply chain partners and the communities in which we operate around the globe. This is our first and foremost duty and responsibility.

     As the global Coronavirus/COVID-19 public health pandemic continues to spread and create rapidly changing conditions and challenges for people and businesses worldwide, we want to share with you how our businesses are addressing many of the same challenges that our customers and partners may be facing and to offer our assistance. While our principal concern is with the humanitarian nature of the pandemic, we have focused the extraordinary depth and breadth of our global resources to ensure we remain available to serve our customers during these challenging times despite travel restrictions, government orders, and other challenges that impact traditional ways of doing business.

     As a precaution, given that many of our customers have implemented similar travel policies, we have imposed restrictions on all non-essential business travel for our team members. Additionally, employees who must travel for essential business have already been equipped to be able to work remotely and remain away from our operating footprints so as to safeguard our manufacturing facilities from high-risk exposure conditions. Similarly, we have asked our supply chain partners to support us via remote methods and technologies and avoid on-site visits at our operating facilities. Additionally, we have canceled all internal and external in-person meetings and conferences and replaced them with virtual and remote conferencing technologies and tools.

     To that end, we have developed and/or deployed processes, methods, techniques, technologies and tools to ensure business and workforce continuity, and full customer service and support in this quickly evolving work environment. We are committed to ensuring that our customers get the same level of intimate support and service that they have been accustomed to for many years and decades, be it quotations, order processing, customer and technical support, logistics support and/or field service support. Other measures we have already taken to that effect include, but are not limited to:

• Virtual Workspace. Where applicable, employees who can work remotely are equipped with the tools to perform their jobs effectively. With the recent implementation of a new ERP system, back-office functions, as well as customer support functions can now be conducted and managed
virtually via remote access to the new ERP system worldwide. We can quote, take-in orders,
process orders, manage order logistics, etc.

• Social Distancing. Where applicable, our businesses have initiated a staggered shift for operations and manufacturing employees who cannot perform their jobs remotely. These staggered shifts will allow us to minimize or eliminate close contact among employees and reduce the number of employees on-site at any given time during operating hours.

• Technical Support. We have equipped our technical support and field service teams with the tools
and technologies to support our customers’ technical needs real-time, even if the customer does
not allow on-site visits. To that end:Our global field service team is still available to be dispatched to customer sites worldwide if the customer allows on-site field service personnel

o If on-site field service visits are not feasible, we can use any virtual communication tools
that are popular or common in your region to provide support, e.g. QQ and WeChat audio
and video communication and conferencing tools popular in China and parts of Asia
Pacific; WebEx and WhatsApp tools that may be popular in Europe; Zoom and WebEx that may be popular in North America, etc.
o We may be able to remotely log in or access our equipment installed at the customer site
for troubleshooting, calibration, diagnosis, etc. The type of remote access, if available,
will depend on the customer and the communication protocol(s), as well as the firewall
setup that are used with our equipment at their site, e.g. Ethernet or TCP/IP, etc.
o We are providing supplemental and new tiers of remote support and service offerings to
ensure that we can continue to support our customers effectively.

• Safe Workplace Practices. We have employed additional preventive measures to safeguard our
team members’ well-being, as well as that of those around us and reduce the transmission of
communicable diseases in the workplace. Employees are reminded of the following:

o Stay home if you are sick, especially if you have a fever and/or respiratory symptoms
o Wash hands frequently with warm, soapy water for at least 20 seconds
o Cover mouth with tissues when sneezing/coughing and discard used tissues in the trash
o Avoid people who are sick with respiratory symptoms and/or fever
o Frequently clean touched surfaces. Additionally, we increased the frequency of our
cleaning services at our operating footprints
o Practice social distancing measures whenever possible as recommended by the US Center
for Disease Control (“CDC”), the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control
(“CDPC”) and the World Health Organization (“WHO”). Please keep in mind that social
distancing is not the same as social isolation (the former minimizing physical proximity
and contact while the latter may imply a physical self-quarantine)
o Impose mandatory self-quarantine measures for employees who are at high risk of
exposure or who may have come in contact with someone who tested positive for

Our global leadership team continues to actively monitor, prepare and manage our Coronavirus/COVID-19 business response real-time based on guidance and directives from international health organizations, such as the WHO, the CDPC and the CDC, governmental or regulatory agencies in each jurisdiction and local governments.
We have best practice business continuity processes in place across our global businesses, and we remain ready, able and prepared to serve our customers during these challenging times. The tools, technology and practices mentioned above allow us to continue to maintain an intimate business and customer-facing relationship with our customers, and to continue to support them with quotations, sales, customer service and field service.
Our team members and leadership team around the world continue to exemplify the essence of courage and perseverance in the face of this ever evolving and tough challenge and fluid situation. Our first priority remains the health and safety of our employees, customers and supply chain partners. We continue to be ever grateful to all those on the front lines worldwide battling against this public health pandemic.
Please don’t hesitate to contact your business partner at any of our businesses, or at Process Insights, if you have any questions about our preparedness or if we can be of any assistance in ensuring your ability to address these new challenges in your business. We recognize that this may be a prolonged effect and want you to be fully aware of our commitment to help you navigate challenges and advance your business objectives.

Monte Hammouri
Process Insights

Joe Schwab
VP Business Development
Process Insights

Scott Fleishner
Acting President
Extrel CMS

Dr. Erika Coyne
Tiger Optics

Jochen Eberheim
Managing Director
Process Insights Analysers (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Jochen Eberheim
LAR Process Analysers & Hygrocontrol

Gerardo Morales
COSA Xentaur, Alpha Omega Instruments &
ATOM Instrument

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