ESS Dew Point Extractive Sampling System

ESS Dew Point Extractive Sampling System

The COSA Xentaur ESS dew point extractive sampling system has a modular design and can be configured to accommodate almost any measurement requirement for dew point analysis utilizing several different dew point meters manufactured by COSA Xentaur.

Mission-Critical Moisture Applications

In many applications, where control of moisture concentration has mission-critical character, industry has struggled with finding a stable, reliable and cost-effective measurement solution. Conventional sensors drift, vary with temperature or fall asleep; even when measuring clean inert gases. When measuring in the presence of contaminants or corrosive constituents, most measurements have failed completely, or sensor life is prohibitively short.
Consequently, moisture measurements are used in most cases to provide a general indication only, but not for actual process control and if used for alarming, large safety margins are applied. Thus, large potential savings that could result from true process optimization based on a reliable moisture measurement, had to be foregone.  

Hyper-Thin-Film (HTF™) Aluminum Oxide Sensor Technology has proven already to provide stable and reliable measurements in many applications where other technologies have failed. Now, with our NEW Moisture Analyzer Model ESS-SCVP, we offer you a tool for true process control with integrated traceable field calibration and validation capabilities.

Learn more about our portable dew point meter, XPDM.

Features and Benefits

  • Customizable Configuration
  • High Quality Materials
  • Reliable Dew Point Measurements
  • Explosion Proof Options
  • Long Sensor Life
  • Low Installation Cost

Dew Point Extractive Sampling System ESS 

Building sample systems for measuring dew point in gases is not an easy task. It requires experience and a complete understanding of the often unexpected behavior of water molecules. Selection of the proper materials, components and final system configuration will greatly influence the fidelity of the sample carried to the sensor.  The ESS is a great addition for ensuring a reliable dew point measurement.


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