CV-Sonic PRO Portable Calorimeter Calorific Value Measurement

For relative Density Measurement

COSA Xentaur introduces one of the first commerciallyCOSA CV PRO Portable Calorimeter available portable Optical Gas Calorimeters. After extensive development work, this instrument has the fastest spot check response in the industry; T90=15 seconds for Natural Gas and LPG.

The new CV PRO™ Portable Optical Gas Calorimeter is targeted for the natural gas, appliance, boiler, industrial and process customers who need the portability and serviceability this small battery powered calorimeter.

Optical measurement technology combined with COSA Xentaur’s forty years of calorimeter measurement methodology knowledge offers advantages to their customers for spot calorific sample measurement. This innovative optical technology greatly improves the analysis speed while reducing the size and weight of the instrument. The CV Pro™ represents the latest in the line of calorimeters for calorific value determination that includes COSA 9610 Wobbe Index calorimeter, portable and online gas chromatographs. The portable COSA CV Pro optical calorimeter format allows for unprecedented ease of use and serviceability in field use.


Natural Gas Applications:

  • Gas Turbine Fuel Gas Optimizing
  • Gas Boiler Tuning
  • Appliance Performance
  • Natural Gas Well Spot Check
  • City Gas Spot Check

Need for Reliable Dew Point Measurement?

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