COSA Portable BTU Gas Chromatograph

Portable BTU Gas Chromatograph COSA HGC 303

The Portable BTU Gas Chromatograph COSA HGC 303 is ideal for C6+ analysis of natural gas.

The COSA Portable BTU Gas Chromatograph publishes 20 derived parameters, such as Calorific Value, Wobbe Index, Specific Gravity, Copressibility, Ratio of Heats, Gas Density, Real Gross Heat Value, and more….

The unit offers pre-engineered analysis and calculations for natural gas monitoring, eliminating the need for any further programming and application work. Hooking up gas connections, power and communications cables is all that is required to get this plug and play transmitter ready to work.

The portability of the COSA BTU Gas Chromatograph makes it ideal for natural gas applications ranging from remote wellheads to gas processing plants, gas transmission and distribution points as well as endusers.

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