COSA 707 Emissions Analyzer

COSA 707 hand held multi-gas emissions analyzer

The COSA Xentaur 707 handheld multi-gas emissions analyzer is ideal for industrial and combustion processes.

  • Easy to hold, handheld emissions analyzer
  • Capable of measuring up to seven different gases
  • Can be equipped with up to 6 electrochemical sensors and a CO2 IR-bench for simultaneous measurements
  • Cells can be installed for making measurements of low CO and low NO down to 0.1ppm
  • Modern, slimline enclosure with fixing magnets
  • Super bright, color 3.5″ TFT-display with LED backlight
  • Mini-USB for cable data transfer
  • IRDA interface for high-speed IR printer
  • Integrated condensate trap with PTFE filter and LED backlight with zoom function
  • Menu guided software and function keys
  • Robust stainless steel gas connectors
  • Re-chargeable Lithium-Ion battery for min. 15 hrs, or NiMH for min. 6 hrs operation
  • Less than 2 lbs
  • Can communicate through Bluetooth, USB or with a 2GB SD-Card
  • New sensors for the COSA 707 include a CO2 sensor for a range of 0-20% (IR-Bench) and a H2S sensor for 0-500ppm (EC Sensor)

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