Operators in refineries are looking for fast, reliable fuel gas and flare gas combustion measuring solutions that control the air/fuel ratio to minimize disturbances and maximizes the efficiency of the combustion process.

The COSA Xentaur portfolio of calorimeters for fuel and flare gas combustion measure Wobbe Index, heating value (BTU) and the Combustion Air Requirement Index (CARI).   

COSA Xentaur Calorimeters Deliver When You Need:

  • Control that requires fast response time: seconds versus minutes.
  • Fuel matrix is constantly changing which must be handled by the measurement technology.
  • Energy content of the stream varies over a large range.
  • Liquid hydrocarbons, water vapor and other violate liquid components are frequently
    present in stream.


  • Compliance monitoring for Flare Stacks: US EPA and SCAQMD Rule 1118.
  • Feed forward combustion control for use in waste gas streams and recycle gas for turbines, fire heaters and boilers.
  • Total energy balance across a process by monitoring flare stacks emissions to improve overall operating efficiency.
    • Blast Furnace Gas
    • Coke Oven Gas
    • Combustion Control
    • Flare Stack Monitoring
    • Fuel Gas Optimization (boilers using process off-gas)
    • Gas Turbine Efficiency Control (fuel mixing skid)
    • Hydrogen 
    • Natural Gas Blending (Biofuel addition)
    • Natural Gas Blending (Liquefied Natural Gas)
    • Natural Gas Custody Transfer
    • Steam Generation
    • VOC and Storage

Need for Reliable BTU Calorimeter?

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