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Dew point and moisture content plays a large role in the quality, shelf life, pricing, weight, and ability to process many products.  Our COSA Xentaur dew point meters are easy-to-use moisture analyzers ideal for quality control, production and in-process control of many industries, such as pharmaceutical, chemical, plastics, and the food and beverage industries.  With user-friendly interface, our multi-functional dew point meters are fast and accurate with low maintenance.

Check out our latest dewpoint meters and transmitters.  Our LPDT2 is an ultra-compact, loop-powered aluminum oxide sensor dew point transmitter with both display or non-display options.  It is a versatile, weatherproof instrument and uses the same user-friendly interface as all of our COSA Xentaur hygrometers.  The analog output is linear to the engineering units selected for display and is user configurable. The unit also provides for a 2-wire RS-485 Modbus Interface.  LPDT2 with display is a fully functional instrument operated through a miniature custom LCD display and four push buttons, using the same user-friendly interface of all COSA Xentaur hygrometers.

Get the most reliable, most precise gas analysis technologies available on the market today for your industrial applications.  We will work to match your needs and budget and provide the optimal, and most stable process analysis solution for your application.  

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We provide accurate and reliable total sulfur and total nitrogen measurement solutions with our ATOM Instrument lab and elemental analyzers. Our products are designed to ensure optimal analytical performance while maintaining ease of maintenance. Our analyzers use patented Excimer UV Fluorescence (EUVF) Technology incorporated into the analyzer which is then designed to allow easy access to every part of the instrument. We work with customers to provide equipment that will meet and exceed expectations and evaluate application requirements to optimize total sulfur measurement systems.

Our patented Excimer UV Fluorescence (EUVF) Technology is incorporated into our online analyzers.  This technology provides high reliability and confidence of analytical results, reduces operational and maintenance costs, meets today’s emission standards, and delivers outstanding analytical performance to meet the challenges of future emission requirements.

Our ATOM XT-2000™ is the most innovative laboratory analyzer on the market for reliable total sulfur and total nitrogen measurement on the market today. The XT-2000 laboratory analyzers are designed and built for precise, accurate and reliable analysis with the flexibility that allows the measurement of a wide range of samples with a single instrument.  

The ATOM FGA-1000™ is an online process analyzer that measures total sulfur in a variety of applications such as monitoring refinery flare gas and subsequent sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions as mandated by the EPA Rule 40 CFR 60, Subpart Ja.  The FGA-1000 has the highest dynamic measurement range of any commercially available analyzer, requiring only a single point calibration without the need for additional sample valves, calibration gases or system hardware.  It provides complete TRS Data resulting in the total analysis of all sulfur compounds potentially present in flare gas streams, not just the analysis of a few selected sulfur compounds as with GC-type applications.

    SERIES 1300™

    Alpha Omega Instruments Oxygen Deficiency Monitor
    AOI 1300 oxygen deficiency monitor

    SERIES 3000

    Alpha Omega Instruments Trace Oxygen Analyzer
    AOI SERIES-3000-Trace-Oxygen-Analyzer-with-Optional-Equipment-7914964f

    SERIES 3500/3510

    Alpha Omega Instruments Trace Oxygen Blind Transmitter
    AOI 3500 3510 trace oxygen transmitter

    SERIES 3520

    Alpha Omega Instruments Portable Trace Oxygen Analyzer
    AOI 3520 portable oxygen monitor

    ZRO 2000

    Alpha Omega Instruments Trace Zirconia Oxygen Analyzer
    Process Insights_AOI ZRO 2000 oxygen analyzer


    Alpha Omega Instruments Percent Oxygen Analyzer
    AOI OXY-SEN analyzer

    SERIES 2000

    Alpha Omega Instruments Percent Oxygen Analyzer
    AOI series 2000 oxygen analyzer

    SERIES 2500/2510

    Alpha Omega Instruments Percent Oxygen Transmitter
    Series 2510-Percent-Oxygen-Transmitter-with-Optional-Equipment

    SERIES 2520

    Alpha Omega Instruments Percent Portable Oxygen Analyzer
    Series 2510-Percent-Oxygen-Transmitter-with-Optional-Equipment

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