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COSA SpinPulse CX-20

TD-NMR Spectrometer Model SpinPulse CX-20

COSA SpinPulse CX-20

Three versions of the SpinPulse™ are available: The CX-20/10 (10mm Probe), CX-20/20 (20mm Probe) and CX-40/40 (40mm Probe) and easily handle any sample matrix a customer may encounter.

The SpinPulse™ CX-20 is a high-quality, economical time domain NMR (TD-NMR) analyzer that is ideally suited to applications in the agri-food, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, plastic- and rubber industries.

Typical Applications for the CX-20 TD-NMR Spectrometer:

  • Total Fat and Moisture in Food & Medical Products
    • Food and Feed, Seeds, Grains, Chocolate and Candy
    • Dairy Products and Non-Homogenous Samples
    • Pharmaceutical Powders and Tablets
  • Solid Fat Content (SFC) in Oils and Fats
    • AOCS Methods (Cd 16b-93 and Cd 16-81)
    • ISO 8292 and IUPAC 2.150
  • Oil and Moisture in Seeds and Nuts
    • ISO 10565 and ISO 10632
  • Total Hydrogen Content in Petroleum Products
    • ASTM D7171-05 (Previously covered by D4808 and D3701)
    • Light and Middle Distillates, Gas Oils and Residua
  • Polymer And Rubber Analysis
    • Elasticity, Tacticity, Crystallinity and Density
    • Cross-linking Density and Additives in Polymer Blends

Simple and quick methods that require no sample preparation, grinding or formulating of samples.

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Web: Process NMR Associates, LLC.

COSA Xentaur SpinPulse TD-NMR

COSA Xentaur SpinPulse Time Domain (TD) Software

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