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Mitsubishi VA-236S

Water Vaporizer Autosampler

Mitsubishi VA-236S

Karl Fischer Water Vaporizer Autosampler-Vial Type with Block Heater (VA-236S)

Cosa-Mitsubishi revolutionized the measurement of moisture in solids with the introduction of the VA-02 Water Vaporizer and CA-02 Coulometric Karl Fischer Moisture Meter in the early 1980’s. The VA-236S Water Vaporizer Autosampler and CA-200 Moisture Meter continues this trend by breaking new ground in moisture analysis of solids, liquids, fats and greases by Karl Fischer.

The standard 10 mL headspace vials and aluminum block heater provides stable, uniform heat to the sample thereby ensuring complete volatilization of both surface and bound moisture without exposing the sample to uneven heating; which could burn the sample and contribute to inconsistent sample results. The built-in Mass Flow Controller (MFC) , auto blank correction and up to five selectable groupings (ranges) on the carousel allow customization of the measuring parameters to the specifics of the samples being analyzed; such as using different flow rates and/or temperatures within the same analytical run. The duel needle design permits quick, easy cleaning and maintenance. Inlet needles of different length can be easily exchanged, depending on the specifics of the sample being analyzed. ASTM, ISO, DIN, JIS & UOP methodologies are all possible with the VA-236S; truly the ultimate Karl Fischer Water Vaporizer Autosampler.

Typical Applications
  • Analyze 5 ppm – 100% water in most matrices
  • Block Heater Design – 70 to 300 degree Celsius temperature range
  • Fast Analysis time - Typically 3-7 minutes
  • 36 Position Sample Tray with Standard 10 mL Headspace Vials
  • Simple Dual Needle design permits easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Large sample size – up to 7 grams
  • Less Maintenance versus Direct Karl Fischer Injection
  • Reduces Reagent Consumption and Cost
  • Interfaces with 21CFR Part 11 Controller Compliant Software

Product information and pricing are subject to change without notice.
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