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Yamatake HGC-303

BTU Gas Chromatograph

Yamatake HGC-303

The HGC 303 is the world’s smallest gas chromatograph for C6+ analysis of Natural Gas. It digitally publishes 20 derived parameters, such as Calorific Value, Wobbe Index, Specific Gravity, Compressibility, Ratio of Heats, etc.

Small Size
The HGC303 is engineered to take full advantage of Yamatake Corporation’s leading sensing and control technology, packing into the compact design of a 9.6” tall field transmitter the features, functionality and performance of a full sized chromatograph. Intrinsic safety and weatherproof design allow installation at the pipeline without additional sheltering.

Pre-Engineered Natural Gas Analysis
The HGC303 offers pre-engineered analysis and calculations for natural gas monitoring, eliminating the need for any further programming and application work. Hooking up gas connections, power and communications cables is all that is required to get this plug and play transmitter ready to work.

The HGC303 provides a full 11-component C6+ analysis on natural gas with a 300-second cycle time and a repeatability of 0.05% Heating Value. The HGC calculates and digitally transmits 20 gas parameters according to GPA or ISO Standard, including Upper and Lower Heating Values, Wobbe Index, Specific Gravity, Compressibility and Specific Heat Ratio.

Natural Gas Sampling System
The HGC is available with a modular sample conditioning system, assuring a cost effective, application specific solution for a reliable delivery of a clean and dry sample, even under the most adverse conditions. The sample system provides connections and functionality for automatic calibration. Optionally available is the integration of a moisture measurement using Xentaur HTF™ moisture sensor and transmitter.

Low Maintenance
The HGC303 is designed to perform reliably in natural gas applications ranging from remote wellheads to gas processing plants, gas transmission and distributions points and end users. The GC’s small and light-weight design facilitates a simple swap-out of the entire analyzer in minutes, rather than requiring cumbersome maintenance in the field.

Typical Applications
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Easy Installation
  • Field Mountable at the Pipeline
  • No Analyzer Shelter Required
  • Eliminates Repairs in the Field
  • Analysis of 11 Components in 300 seconds
  • Calculation of 20 Parameters
  • Optional Digital & Analog Outputs
  • Foundation Fieldbus and MODBUS Communications
  • Approved for Class 1, Div 1, Groups C and D
  • Meets ISO and GPA Standards

Product information and pricing are subject to change without notice.
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