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Trademark Usage

Delivr's trademarks are valuable assets that we need to protect. Therefore, we ask that you use our trademarks properly in accordance with the following guidelines. These guidelines apply to the use of all Delivr trademarks in advertisements, marketing materials, labels, press releases, product literature, websites, catalogs, brochures, training materials, user documentation, packaging, and all other instances in which the trademarks are used. 

For Questions Regarding these Guidelines

The following guidelines are examples of how Delivr trademarks should and should not be used. If you have any questions concerning the use of these guidelines, please contact our Marketing Department at 631.770.2785.

Permissible Use

You may generally use Delivr trademarks to refer to Delivr's products and services. For example, an authorized subscriber can issue a press release stating that they used Delivr®-based technology solutions.

Brands and marketing companies can include labels on their campaigns that says "Powered by Delivr®" or "Enabled by Delivr®".

Prohibited Use

  • You may not use Delivr trademarks in a manner which could cause confusion as to Delivr sponsorship, affiliation, or endorsement. 
  • You may not use any Delivr trademark or product name in combination with the trademark or product name of a third party. 

Trademark Usage

  • Use the appropriate trademark attribution (® or ™) for each trademark.
  • When text is in all caps, another distinctive font such as italics may be used.
  • Trademarks are used as adjectives. Do not use trademarks as nouns, verbs, or in the possessive. You must use a generic term with the trademark the first time the trademark appears in text and as often as possible after that.
Improper: You can create Motion QR™ with Delivr®.
Correct: The Motion QR™ option allows you to merge video with bar codes.
Improper: Delivr®'s benefits include real-time reporting.
Correct: Real-time reporting is one of the benefits of the Delivr® platform.

Correct Trademark Use of Company Name

Delivr Corporation, is the name of our company and should not be used with a trademark symbol.

List of Trademarks

Delivr Offers®
Real-world Analytics®
Always Open®
Shoppers Love Your Coupons. Let's Make Sure They Get Them.®

VISUAL QR by Delivr™
Logistics QR™
Motion QR™

Assigning Ownership of Trademarks

The following text should be included in all materials referring to any Delivr trademark:
Delivr® is a registered trademarks  of Delivr Corp.

Corporate Identity Guidelines

"Delivr" takes an initial capital letter in text and copy. It can appear in all capital letters in a headline when the other words are also all in capital letters. 

Improper: DELIVR Corporation
Correct: Delivr Corporation

COSA Xentaur combines the strength of over 30 years of COSA Instruments sales, service and application support and experience with Xentaur Corporations innovative measurement solutions. Its portfolio ranges from dew point measurement solutions, analytical laboratory equipment, NMR technology, WOBBE and BTU analyzers. As a reliable partner, COSA Xentaur creates trustful relationships to help its customers in virtually all industries to be more successful in implementing innovative measurement solutions. With its high-value products and intelligent solutions, COSA Xentaur delivers robust, cost effective instrumentation systems exceeding customer measurement requirements.
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