Innovation Solutions for the Semiconductor Industry

COSA Xentaur offers a wide range of dew point measurement solutions for the Semiconductor Industry.  For dew point control, COSA Xentaur’s HTF™ sensor technology can be trusted where other methods have routinely failed. The stability, accuracy and life expectancy of HTF™ sensors have set new a standard in the industry.  COSA Xentaur offers both online and spot control moisture measurement systems for gases and liquids suitable for use in hazardous as well as clean areas.

Unmatched Value, Reliability & Stable Analytical Solutions for the Semiconductor Industry

We deliver innovative measurement products, systems, and analytical solutions for your dew point moisture applications.  Our products deliver real value to our customers, improve safety, meet compliance, and protect assets, personnel, and the environment.  It’s engineering without compromise that you can rely on. 

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