In the petrochemical sector production of petrochemicals, plastics and biodiesel requires high process safety and product quality.  By understanding process of an application area, we can provide the best possible and comprehensive service to our customers. 

For dew point control, our COSA Xentaur HTF™ sensor technology can be trusted where other methods have routinely failed. The stability, accuracy and life expectancy of HTF sensors have set new a standard in the industry.  COSA Xentaur offers both online and spot control moisture measurement systems for gases and liquids suitable for use in hazardous areas.

From untreated gas analysis to custody transfer, COSA Xentaur provides reliable measurement solutions for flow, energy content, fuel contaminants and gas stream assay with innovative technologies.  The market leader in self calibrating moisture  measurement solutions for natural gas, COSA Xentaur provides optical solutions for flow measurement, BTU analysis and trace impurities.  Explore our market leading 9610 calorimeter for Wobbe Index, BTU/Heating Value and CARI (Combustion Air Requirement Index).  From single applications to metering skids, in plant or on the pipeline, COSA Xentaur can meet your measurement requirements.

Flare Gas Monitoring

During chemical processing, flaring is required for safety reasons. Extracting and processing oil and gas involves dealing with exceptionally high, and changeable, pressures. During crude oil extraction, a sudden or dramatic increase in pressure could cause an explosion. Industrial accidents involving oil and gas, though rare, can result in destructive, dangerous, and long-lasting fires that are difficult to contain and control. 

Flare Gas Compliance

Our COSA calorimeter can help you be in flare gas compliance.  The COSA 9800™ Calorimeter can measure the BTU/Net Heating Value (NHV) measurement of the vent gas for EMACT, MONMACT & RSR compliance and real-time flare control.

  • Ensure compliance with real-time flare control
  • Ensure combustion efficiency
  • Field-proven technologies with extensive installed base
  • Unparalleled support from global Sales and Service network

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