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COSA Xentaur Corporation is a leading global supplier of measurement solutions to the Aerospace industry.

Our expertise in the Aerospace industry stems from over 25 years of experience engineering solutions and specifying instrumentation for demanding moisture measurement applications.

For humidity control, major airline manufacturers utilize Relative Humidity Transmitters made by Hygrocontrol while testing their turbines. It is of great importance to get the most accurate reading in order to comply with strict Aerospace regulations.

Yet another important field is Dew Point control in welding gas. COSA Xentaur’s portable XPDM with HTF (Hyper Thin Film) technology allows for thindustrye fastest and most accurate Dew Point reading in the industry. This is why the Aerospace  trusts on Dew Point Sensor Technology made by COSA Xentaur.

COSA Xentaur partners with you to provide analytical testing instrumentation for laboratory and process that meets industry requirements through, installation, training and support with superior service.

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