Analyzer Technology Conference 2022

May 15-18, 2022 – Galveston, TX

Join us at ATC 2022 ISA Ad Symposium Houston Chapter – In the tradition of the ISA Analysis Division conferences, this event will highlight relevant, new technical papers related to grab sampling, sample handling systems, data analysis and process analyzers such as gas chromatographs, spectrometers and analytical sensors.



MEORGA Halle 2022

May 18 – Halle, Germany

Join us at MEORGA Halle 2022 Join our experts from Extrel, Tiger Optics, LAR, MBW Calibration, COSA Xentaur, Alpha Omega Instruments and see the turnkey solutions from Process Insights.

GAS Analysis 2022

May 17-20 – Paris, France

Join us at the GAS Analysis 2022 in booth 5F 121 (Hall 5)

We will be presenting

  • Tiger Optics:  Quantum Cascade Laser Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy Analyzers for PPT-level CO and CO2 Detection


Jun 8-9, 2022 – Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Join us at PEFTEC 2022 booth H6 & I8

We will be presenting

  • Guided Wave: Online Near Infrared analyzer solutions for refinery measurements
  • LAR: Fast and reliable on-line analysis of oils in water by carbon detection for the petrochemical sector


Hydrogen & P2X 2022

Jun 15-16 – Copenhagen, Denmark

Join us at Hydrogen & P2X 2022 – Meet the experts from gas producers, chemical and mobility industries representatives, power companies, business analytics, government officials and regulators, storage companies, service providers, transportation companies, renewable energy consultancies and more.


Analytica 2022

Jun 21-24 – Munich, Germany

Join us at Analytica 2022 – Meet the experts for laboratory technology, analysis, biotechnology.

Analytica LATAM 2022

Jun 21 – 23 – Sao Paulo, Brazil

Join us at Analytica LATAM 2022 in booth D001- Meet the experts from Process Insights and Pensalab for research and laboratory technology, gas analysis instrumentation, and process analytical solutions.


Semicon West 2022

Jul 11 – 14 – San Francisco, CA

Join us at Semicon West 2022 in booth 2045 – Meet the Tiger Optics experts and explore our innovative laser-based Continuous Wave Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CW CRDS) analyzers.   Other technology on display will include Extrel CMS, MBW Calibration, COSA Xentaur, LAR, and Alpha Omega Instruments.


Apr 4-8, 2022 – Frankfurt, Germany

Join us at ACHEMA 2022 – Process Insights will display a portfolio of innovative analytical products for chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, research and manufacturing, energy and environmental services industries.  Come meet experts from LAR Process Analysers, Extrel CMS, COSA Xentaur, MBW Calibration, Alpha Omega Instruments, ATOM Instrument, and Tiger Optics.


CIGRE 2022

Aug 28 – Sep – Paris, France

Join us at CIGRE 2022 – Explore collaborative development and sharing of power generation and transmission, and power system expertise.  Meet our SF6 experts from MBW calibration and learn about other Process Insights solutions and technologies.

ASGMT 2022

Sep 19 – 20 – Houston, TX

Join us at ASGMT 2022 – Learn about natural gas measurement, pressure regulation, flow control, and other measurement related arenas.  Meet our COSA Xentaur experts and learn about other Process Insights technologies.

Rio Oil & Gas 2022

Sep 26 – 29 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Join us at RIO Oil and Gas 2022 –Meet Process Insights experts and explore our oil and gas technologies.


Oct 8-12 – New Orleans, LA

Join us at WEFTEC 2022 in booth 2147 – The water sector comes together, in one place, for you to explore, learn, network, grow professionally, and strengthen your connection to the water community.  Meet our LAR Online TOC Water Analyzer Experts.

Gulf Coast Conference 2022

Oct 10-12 – Galveston, TX

Join us at Gulf Coast Conference (GCC) 2022 – Process Insights will display a portfolio of innovative analytical products and chemical analysis technology for the Petrochemical, Refining, and Environmental fields.

AVS Symposium 2022

Nov 7 – 9 – Pittsburgh, PA

Join us at AVS Symposium 2022 – Learn more on cutting-edge issues associated with materials, processing, and interfaces in the research and manufacturing communities.  Meet our Extrel experts and explore our mass spectrometry technology.

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