Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

ND Energy Progress & Innovation Conference 2022

Jan 25-27, 2022 - Bismarck, ND

Join us at NDEPIC In Booth 215 - Meet the Process Insights Experts and Industrial Sales Solutions Team.  Explore our energy industry innovative technologies and solutions from COSA Xentaur and LAR.

ACS American Chemistry Society Conference 2022

Mar 20 - 24 - San Diego, CA

Join us at ACS 2022 in booth 1231 - ACS is where chemistry professionals meet to share ideas and advance scientific and technical knowledge.  Join our experts from Extrel, Tiger Optics, LAR, MBW Calibration, COSA Xentaur, Alpha Omega Instruments and see the turnkey solutions from Process Insights.


Acadiana Flow Measurement Society (AFMS) 2022

Apr 12-13, 2022 - Lafayette, LA

Join us at Acadiana Flow Measurement Society (AFMS) 2022 - For the advance study of measurement, with the original focus being gas measurement, liquid and NGL measurement. 



Analyzer Technology Conference 2022

May 15-18, 2022 - Galveston, TX

Join us at ATC 2022 ISA Ad Symposium Houston Chapter - In the tradition of the ISA Analysis Division conferences, this event will highlight relevant, new technical papers related to grab sampling, sample handling systems, data analysis and process analyzers such as gas chromatographs, spectrometers and analytical sensors.




Apr 4-8, 2022 - Frankfurt, Germany

Join us at ACHEMA 2022 - Process Insights will display a portfolio of innovative analytical products for chemical, pharmaceutical, biotech, research and manufacturing, energy and environmental services industries.  Come meet experts from LAR Process Analysers, Extrel CMS, COSA Xentaur, MBW Calibration, Alpha Omega Instruments, ATOM Instrument, and Tiger Optics.



Jun 8-9, 2022 - Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Join us at PEFTEC 2022 - Petroleum, Refining, Chemical and Petrochemical Industries solutions, technical advice, methods and applications to measure, test and analyze.


ISPE Annual Meeting & Expo 2022

Oct 30 - Nov 2, Orlando, FL

Join us at ISPE 2022 - Explore the Process Insights technologies and innovative solutions for the pharmaceutical science and manufacturing industry.


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