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    COSA Xentaur provides precision instrumentation for a wide range of applications.


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    Dew Point Measuring Sample Systems ideal for moisture, AL2O3, petrochemical, and steel production.  

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COSA Xentaur

COSA Xentaur combines the strength of over 30 years of COSA Instruments sales, service and application support and experience with Xentaur Corporations innovative measurement solutions.

Our portfolio ranges from dew point measurement solutions, analytical laboratory equipment, Wobbe Index, BTU/Heating Value and CARI (Combustion Air Requirement Index) analyzers.

As a reliable partner, COSA Xentaur creates trustful relationships to help its customers in virtually all industries to be more successful in implementing innovative measurement solutions.


Specializing in analyzers for a wide range of applications for petrochemical, energy, environmental, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, plastics, and more.


COSA Xentaur delivers calorimeters and dew point meters for flare stack monitoring, natural gas blending, turbines, hydrogen plants.


COSA Xentaur is a Process Insights brand.  

For decades, the Process Insights’ global brands – ATOM Instrument, Tiger OpticsExtrelCOSA XentaurAlpha Omega InstrumentsLAR Process Analysers, Hygrocontrol, and MBW Calibration have optimized the process and research industry around the globe.

The Process Insights’ solutions and technologies ensure safe operations, increase production quality, protect the environment, improve asset lifecycle while optimizing levels of efficiency and throughput. 
The premium sensors, monitors, detectors, analyzers, instrumentation, and software are mission-critical to continually improve quality, reduce disruptions, downtime, and lost productivity while keeping your operations, personnel, and the environment safe.


Our Products

  • Dew Point

    Dew Point measurements have become fundamental utility in everyday industrial functions. So called Hygrometer are used e.g. in HVAC heating, venting and cooling technologies as well as for the determination of potential corrosion in metals, and in numerous chemical and industrial manufacturing processes.

  • Moisture

    Moisture content plays a large role in the quality, shelf life, pricing, weight, and ability to process many products. COSA Xentaur offers moisture analyzers suiting the needs of quality control, production and in-process control of many industries, such as pharma, chemicals, plastics and food industry. 

  • Wobbe Index Calorimeter / BTU

    The Wobbe Index is the main indicator of the interchangeability of fuel gases and is frequently defined in the specifications of gas supply and transport utilities. We offer reliable calorimeters for the most complex applications.

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