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Hygrocontrol Type 83


Closed loop relative humidity and temperature meter (hygrometer) for industrial use. The drawn current (4-20mA) responds to measured humidity 0-100% RH.

The instrument uses a capacitance type sensing element with
polymer dielectric medium. The temperature sensor is a Pt-1000
Ohm RTD. Microprocessor control allows for multipoint calibration.
A maximum accuracy of 1.5 %RH is achieved with 8 points. Built
in special temperature compensation is to correct humidity values
from deviations arising from temperature effects on the sensor and
the electronics.


1.Moisture meters with the highest accuracy for
measuring relative humidity and temperature in
enclosures with protection class IP 65 with fixed or
flexible probes.
2. Various probe tubes (from PP to stainless steel) are
available, including pressure-proof for operation
pressure + vacuum.
3. Measured values can be displayed as relative or
absolute values.
4. Microprocessor-controlled measurement and calibration.
5. Linear measurements outputs for all possible dimensions
of humidity and temperature.
6. Readings of humidity and temperature is also via
CAN-BUS available (Type 84).

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