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Karl Fischer Moisture Meter


Volumetric Karl Fischer Moisture Meter (KF-200)

For over 25 years Cosa-Mitsubishi has been considered the gold standard in Coulometric Karl Fisher Titration. Now the KF-200 continues the legacy for Volumetric Karl Fischer, providing the user the ultimate in simplicity, ease of use and flexibility for both Karl Fischer and Potentiometric Titration. The airtight, two piece titration cell provides near zero background levels of moisture. The incorporation of the optional Model KFESD Solvent Dispensing and Evacuation Unit enables hands free draining and refilling of the titration cell. In addition, the KF-200 can simultaneously measure Karl Fischer moisture in two cells when configured with the dual channel option and two separate titration cells. The titration cells can be volumetric, coulometric or a combination of both depending on ones application needs. Samples which directly interfere with Karl Fischer are easily analyzed when combined with one of our specialty water vaporizers. General potentiometric titrations are also possible when the GT-Option is used as a primary or secondary channel. Bromine Number and Bromine Index can also be measured with the KF-200. ASTM, ISO, DIN and JIS methodologies are all possible with the KF-200; truly the ultimate volumetric moisture meter.

  • Analyze 5 ppm – 100% Water In Any Matrix
  • Simultaneously Measure & Display Volumetric & Coulometric Karl Fischer Moisture
  • Perform General Potentiometric Titrations and KF analysis Simultaneously with the GT-Option
  • Perform Bromine Index and Bromine Number
  • Large, easy to read 5.7 inch Color LCD Display
  • Flexible Configuration & Small Footprint Saves Valuable Bench Space
  • Password Protected Administrative User Levels and Functions
  • 21CFR Part 11 Controller Compliant Software

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