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Specializing in high technology analyzers such as Wobbe Index Meters, Hydrogen Analyzers, Flow Meters, Oxygen Analyers, SF6 Purity Meters and NMR Spectrometers for a wide range of applications in many industries, including petrochemical, energy, environmental, pharmaceutical, semiconductor and plastics, COSA's 25+ year expertise can help provide solutions.

Contact COSA's team of application engineers and chemists to discuss your measurement requirement.

Wobbe Index, BTU Calorimeter
Model No. COSA 9610
Continuous Hydrogen Analyzer
Model No. COSA CHA
Zirconia Oxygen Gas Analyzers
Model No. COSA ZFK
SF6 Purity Pro
Model No. COSA SF6 Purity Pro
TD-NMR Spectrometer Model SpinPulse CX-20
Model No. COSA SpinPulse CX-20

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COSA Xentaur combines the strength of over 30 years of COSA Instruments sales, service and application support and experience with Xentaur Corporations innovative measurement solutions. Its portfolio ranges from dew point measurement solutions, analytical laboratory equipment, NMR technology, WOBBE and BTU analyzers. As a reliable partner, COSA Xentaur creates trustful relationships to help its customers in virtually all industries to be more successful in implementing innovative measurement solutions. With its high-value products and intelligent solutions, COSA Xentaur delivers robust, cost effective instrumentation systems exceeding customer measurement requirements.
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COSA Xentaur
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+1 631 345 3434
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